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Timeline Guide for Custom Mobility Products

New West Medical works as a team with the patient, physicians and funding source to ensure that your you are provided the best chair in the shortest amount of time possible.  When looking over the timeline please keep in mind that the timeline is effected by the complexity of your situation, the funding requirements of your payer source, and the availability of your chair and its components.

New West Medical makes every effort possible to ensure each step in completed as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of your equipment and the requirements of your funding source.  


Step 1:  Evaluation and Design

           2 days - 1 Week

A thorough evaluation of your condition needs to be performed by one of New West Medical's Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP).  This evaluation can take as little as a half an hour, to an entire day, depending on your condition and needs.  During this time;
  • Your medical condition will be thoroughly reviewed.
  • You will be measured and fitted.  Pressure mapping is performed if the doctor has requested or there are wound issues that need to be resolved.
  • Your logistical and safety needs will be discussed
  • Information on your personal preferences will be discussed
  • Equipment options available within the cost guidelines of your funding source will be reviewed.
*When a custom cushion from Ride Designs is ordered, a second evaluation is needed to shape capture (cast) the patient.  The shape capture takes approximately 2 hours.

Step 2:  Funding Approval

           4 - 16 Weeks

This is the most time consuming and often more frustrating step.  New West Medical facilitates the process with your funding source, physician and suppliers.  New West Medical staff puts great care into the proper documentation and evaluations so that this step goes smoothly and efficiently.  However, each approval from the funding source is treated separately, so delays out of New West Medical's control sometimes happen.

Step 3:  Purchase, Assembly and Delivery

           1 - 2 Weeks

Purchasing, receiving and verifying components of the power mobility device varies depending on the manufacturing times of each supplier.  Each power mobility device has components from several different suppliers.    

           2 - 3 Days

Chair assembly can happen quickly after all the products have been received and verified.  

*Once your system is complete, we require that all deductibles be paid and verify that your funding source will still pay for the equipment.

           2 - 3 Days

Delivery and the final fitting are scheduled quickly after the chair is assembled.  The chair will be adjusted to the patient and the operational, maintenance and safety issues are discussed.

Warranties: The manufacturers of your equipment provide warranties.  New West Medical will work with the manufacturers to help correct problems.

Repairs:  Please call New West Medical for help with repairs of equipment provided by New West Medical.