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Traveling with Oxygen

Oxygen use doesn't mean staying home.  New West Medical, we encourage an active lifestyle.  A little preplanning will get you on your way to traveling by car, plane, or ship.  New West Medical will help you choose the right oxygen concentrator for your travels.  To prepare for your trip, follow the check sheet below.


   Check with your doctor.

Obtain a doctor's note stating your prescription and current condition.

Going to a higher elevation?  See if you need to change your liter flow.


   Call the airline or cruise ship.

Some airlines and cruise ships supply their own oxygen equipment, others allow you to use your own.
Switching flights?  Check the airline's procedure.


   Call New West Medical.

Reserve a small portable concentrator with battery packs.

Talk to our caring staff about an emergency plan.


  Order medications ahead of time.

Carry extra in case of delays in travel


  Going out of the country?  Bring an adaptor.