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Common Questions

My doctor ordered oxygen, now what?

Typically a doctor orders oxygen by placing a phone call, or sending a fax to New West Medical. Upon receiving the referral, New West Medical starts verifying your insurance.  New West Medical wants to keep you informed of your options.  If you are at the hospital, a technician goes to the hospital with a tank so that you can get to your house. New West Medical then contacts you through a phone call.  A New West Medical Technician goes to your house to set up your oxygen, and educates the patient and/or the patient's family in the use of oxygen.  It is very helpful to have the people who need to be educated at the house when oxygen is delivered.  Each patient is left with a folder that has educational material, and a phone number to call if there are any concerns.

Is oxygen equipment difficult to use?

No.  As technology advances, the use of oxygen gets simpler.  Many machines have simple on/off buttons.  Be sure to express concern to your technician if you are worried about operating your machine.