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Oxygen Services

What is COPD?

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  COPD results in shortness of breath and low oxygen levels.  The tiny air sacs called alveoli, in the lungs can become less elastic, the walls between the air sacs can break down, excess mucous can clog the airways, or the walls and airways can become inflamed.  While the damage isn't reversible, the progress can be slowed with proper care.  Supplemental oxygen can help prevent further damage to your heart and other systems.

How can New West Medical help?

While COPD can't be reversed, proper care can help slow the disease.  New West Medical stocks a variety of oxygen equipment that can help you continue an active lifestyle.  Running errands, going to friend's houses, and traveling on airlines is all possible while still treating your COPD.  New West Medical will match you to the proper equipment so that you can lead a full and active lifestyle.

Oxygen Systems - You Deserve a Choice

New West Medical believes patients deserve a choice.  Some patients only use oxygen overnight, others don't like making appointments to fill oxygen tanks, yet others like having a technician check up on them when their tanks are filled.  New West Medical wants to know who you are, so we can help fill your needs.

Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

Stationary oxygen concentrators plug into a power supply and are most commonly used while the patient is at home.  Oxygen concentrators take in the surrounding air, runs the air through filters and compresses it.  This compression and filtering produces air with extremely high levels of oxygen.


Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators are very small concentrators that run on battery packs.  These concentrators are used when doing activities and flight travel.  They concentrate the levels of oxygen from the air just like stationary oxygen concentrators.



The HomeFill system includes two parts, a Stationary Oxygen Concentrator and a tank filling station.  The Stationary Oxygen Concentrator is used in the home environment and the tank filling station can fill small portable tanks for taking when doing activities outside the house.  The small tanks can last up to five hours, and you are provided with two tanks.  With the HomeFill system you don't need to have technicians deliver oxygen to your home.



Large tanks filled with concentrated oxygen can be stored in your house and used to fill smaller portable tanks.  A New West Medical technician will replenish the large tanks about every two weeks.